RFID ME Software

RFID ME Software 1.0

RFID ME™ instantly converts any USB host computernto an EPC Gen2 Reader
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RFID ME™ instantly converts any USB host computer or device into an EPC Gen2 Reader. RFID ME™ is everything you need to deploy RFID in your home for your personal and everyday use.
RFID ME™ is easy to install and use, a simple user interface provides powerful and flexible access to the internet of EPC tagged objects. The kit comes with Avery Dennison EPC tags and GUI support for NXP’s G2iL /G2iM UCODE chip for Internet of Things applications.

RFID ME™, a software application with custom plug and play USB hardware device, seamlessly ties the world of EPC Gen2 RFID tagged objects automatically and instantly to the Internet. RFID ME™ includes detego® EXPRESS modules for MTI’s RFID ME™ Hardware with a 30-day free trial license. detego® EXPRESS provides operators a series of interfaces to IT-Backend systems.

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